Multistage heavy duty Air Compressors

Multistage heavy duty Air Compressors

Multistage heavy duty Air Compressors are designed for high pressure operation up to 70.31 kg / cm2g (1000 psig).  These compressors are used in Valve and System Testing, PET Bottling Industries, Diesel Engine Starting, Laboratory Test Work, Space and Aviation Industries, Air Blast Circuit Breaking, Dairy, Marine and Military Applications etc.


Air Compressor Manufacturer and Exporter


Paras Compressor is one of the leading Air Compressors Manufacturer and Exporters of reciprocating, air cooled and water cooled, lubricated and non lubricated compressors in single or multistage construction from 0.5 HP to 250 HP 330 CFM and up to 1000 Psig.

Compact Designs

Paras designs very simple and Compact Compressors, which are easy to access and maintain, easy to replace parts, very reliable & durable. Paras also ensure highest power saving through their compressor’s effective capacity control system. We are constantly putting our total efforts to protect precious resources, to improve product quality and efficiency and to provide a sustainable future in every design decision. For Paras, these are a deep respect for our NATURE & ENVIRONMENT & having a dedication to perfection.

Research and Development

More than a Vision, we have a GOAL. A Goal to attain the highest quality standards and deliver superior quality Compressor spares at competent rates.

In this endeavor, we are currently having various R&D procedures being carried out in various manufacturing units.

We would like to give our client the optimum benefit of our experience in the field of Compressor Spares.


 Domestic Network

Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Bhilwara, Bihar, Himachal, Baddi, Rajkot, Baroda, Surat, Solapur, Aurangabad, Nasik, Pune as major city in India

Global Network

Paras Compressor exporting in South Africa, UAE, USA, Australia, Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka, Malasiya, Dubai, Muckat and many others countries